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  SATPRO is one of the few FULL-SERVICE satellite TV retailers offering sales &        service on all satellite systems and ready to meet all your satellite TV needs.

  • Sales of  Dish Network  and  DirecTV  Satellite TV Systems
  • Difficult Jobs Welcome - When others can't figure it out, call SATPRO   
  • DIRECTV Business TV - Commercial TV
  • Dish Network Commercial TV - For Business
  • Music-Choice - Satellite Music For Business
  • HDTV Satellite and Over-Air-Antenna for Digital & HDTV
  • INTERNATIONAL Satellite TV - Call with your country of interest
  • Installation, Troubleshooting and Repair on all types of systems 
  • Professional service for all satellite TV systems. DBS, C-Band, Ku-Band, Data
  • Residential & Commercial - No job too Small. Or too BIG.
  • Quality First, All Our Work Is Guaranteed!
  • Customer support is always a phone call away for our customers
  • Please call us with your special needs           
  • TV Antennas - HDTV Antenna Systems for the Atlanta TV channels
  • Free-To-Air Satellite - No fee open satellite TV channels
  • Emergency & After Hours Jobs @ After Hours Rates  

Satellite TV is great family entertainment. Satellite TV is always a better choice than cable TV, "No Matter What Cable Wants You To Believe", check "Consumer Reports magazine" for the truth. There are many great features you get with Satellite TV.  Digital and HD picture and sound means a perfect picture on all your TV's, no grainy cable picture. On-screen TV guide to see what's on, and instant detailed program information for the program your watching and what channel you're on.  On-Demand programming with DVR and broadband connection. V-Chip for Ratings, Channel, and Content locks assure unwanted programming isn't viewed by children.  Interactive programming and features available.  Caller-ID shows who is calling on your TV screen {must subscribe to caller-ID from your phone co.}. CD quality music channels sound great on your sound system, some receivers have Dolby 5.1.  Great programming with hundreds of channels available, great movies, kids' shows, news. Several premium movie channel packages are available, not one HBO, but seven!  Your Atlanta local channels included. Many SPORTS; professional and college packages are available. Now DVR's {Digital Video Recorder} are available FREE with all promotions. How do you live without a DVR!  HDTV systems are available FREE on all promo's and much, much more. 28 million satellite TV subscribers can't be wrong, you'll love satellite TV too!

Choosing a local "Full Service Satellite Company"  like SATPRO Atlanta is the most important consideration in choosing and buying your satellite TV system.  Why?  Because, at SATPRO Atlanta we provide our own local satellite TV sales and service to our customers.  At SATPRO Atlanta we help you with your satellite system decision so you get the right system for your needs, whether it is DirecTV or Dish Network. When buying locally from a company like SATPRO Atlanta, you can avoid making the, "1-800-Mistake", or calling the, "looks like a local number Trick"; where your call is routed to an out-of-state satellite company that is only interested in making a sale. You will avoid the "Electronics Store wrong information" when you buy from SATPRO Atlanta. You will never be lost in cyberspace as when dealing with an Internet Sales website. It is often no better to buying direct from the satellite company. We never subcontract out your installation to an inexperienced installer that might or might not show up with some "Here Today - Gone Tomorrow" installation company. No sales or service nightmares here. We'll be here if you need us.  No "Phone Number Disconnected" recordings!  We've been in business since 1990 in Cobb county (Atlanta, GA) with the same phone number.  We are an authorized sales agent and certified installer for DirecTV, Dish Network and many other satellite systems. SATPRO Atlanta is not a computer, electronics, cell phone or other store selling Satellite TV for added profit and not interested or even capable of any after-sale service... We are a locally owned and operated Full Service Satellite TV Company.  We are dedicated to professional satellite TV Sales, Installation and Service.  We are available to answer any questions you may have about satellite TV, simply call us.

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